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 Our customers absolutely love the Ball Claw. It's such a clever way to save space and stay organized, as we've had customers attach the Ball Claw everywhere from the basketball pole, to the garage, to a bedroom wall. Often times people will call back a few weeks after ordering one and get several more after seeing just how slick it is. Thanks for making such as cool accessory to showcase along with all of our basketball hoop systems.

The Top Hoops Team

 My introduction to the ballclaw was through a friend who purchased them to hang some footballs in his restaurant/sports bar in Philadelphia named Vesuvio Bar. My girlfriend soon purchased a dozen of them for me so that I may showcase some of my memorablia in my Eagles Nest. Anyone who has footballs, basketballs, etc and would love to hang them w/out taking up an enormous amount of room w cases stacked in various areas in their room or bar, the ball claw in an ingenious way to do this. John Kurcheski had a brilliant idea when he invented this item. I am extremely happy with his product and have been able to show my memorabilia throughout my room without clogging specific areas. I have personally spoken to John and he is truly a great guy and has a terrific business mind. I can't thank him enough for this product and I know many of my friends love the ballclaw so much that they have also purchased a number of these to showcase their footballs. If you are a collector of memorabilia and have been trying to find a way to show off your collection and do so w a professional look and take up much less room, purchase the ball claw. You won't regret it.

Submitted by Shaun Young

 The home of Todd Overton

 I purchased a Ball Claw at Dicks and took it home to see how it would work out. I have never seen this product. I thought it would work out fine but I wanted to mount it first just to see. After mounting it in between my garage doors I went back and bought 4 more. I now have 5 mounted and I've sent you pictures to use because this is one of the most handiest items I have found to be effective in helping organize balls. No more balls rolling around on the floor, or sitting on the shelfs and rolling off, don't have to worry about the balls rolling out the door when someone opens the garage door. Also, the area I mounted them is never used in my garage and it just worked out great. Nice job in inventing something that works and is really very handy.

Frank Witkemper

 Guys, I LOVE these things! I just finished my Daughter's room in soccer and I was trying to come up with a way to save space with her autographed soccer balls. Well, I stumbled across your website and bought four ball claws. Everyone who sees her room now is most impressed with way the balls are hanging from her wall. Thanks again for an awesome touch to her awesome room!

Robin from Cincinnati, OH

 Corey from Old Bethpage, NY